Middle Tennessee Region
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Nick Carpenter
Cumberland County

SAE: Honey Bee Production. I make honey, in-comb honey, wax, wax candles, and also sell honey bee nucs and do consulting.

Favorite Ag Class:  Agriscience class. It taught me a general knowledge of all of agriculture.

Describe a time when you set a goal within the FFA and were not able to meet it; what did you learn?
  One of my first competitions as a freshman was the creed speaking CDE. I had practiced day and night for months before the competition, and yet still only revived 2nd place at the district competition. But, the experience of failing helped me under stand that I must keep my head up when I lose and try, try again. It also made me see that the journey of training for the competition is the thing that really teaches me important skills

What are you looking forward to most during your year as a Regional Officer? I'm mostly excited for getting to know my fellow officers, as well as meeting new members and people from all over. I hope the at our training at camp and retreat, I can get to better know our officers as well as East and West's. Then at Greenhand Conference and Banquet, I wish to meet as many different members as possible.


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