Middle Tennessee Region
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Proficiency Judging is at Camp Clements on February 11th. Please bring a copy of your proficiency application or send with another advisor. More information to come about time. See the rubrics and award descriptions below. Click the link under proficiencies for more information including example applications. 


Award Area Discriptions Patrick Ray 12/6/2022 191 KB
Entrepreneurship Proficiency Rubric Patrick Ray 12/8/2022 155 KB
Placement Rubric Patrick Ray 12/8/2022 146 KB
Agriscience Proficiency Rubric Patrick Ray 12/8/2022 1076 KB
Tennessee Proficiency Award Guidelines Patrick Ray 12/8/2022 166 KB
Combined Proficiency Rrubric Patrick Ray 12/8/2022 157 KB
Proficiency Handbook Patrick Ray 12/8/2022 553 KB



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