Middle Tennessee Region
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Cora Key
Clay County

SAE: Swine Production

Favorite Ag Class: Agriscience, this class changed my perspective about agriculture. I learned that farming is a lot more complicated than what meets the eye. This was my first class and my favorite because it developed me into an agriculture advocate.

Describe a time when you set a goal within the FFA and were not able to meet it; what did you learn? A time I did not meet a goal was the 2015 FFA and 4-H state market hog show. My goal was to teach others and be successful in the show ring. I did not place as well as I wanted and let it get me down. I grew from this experience because I learned what it feels like to lose and not achieve your goals and that your attitude effects everyone around you. I now have more patience and determination because of this experience.

What are you looking forward to most during your year as a Regional Officer? Being able to motivate and encourage other FFA members. I am really excited for green hand conference because it's the first event for freshman FFA members. As regional officers we get to impact their future and leave a first impression of what FFA is all about.



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