Middle Tennessee Region
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Chelsea Sanders
Wilson Central

SAE: I have two very different SAE's that I hold close to my heart. The first would be Poultry Production and the second being Agricultural Communications. I have raised and sold chickens my entire life; it is something my Pa and I always did together, so I am passionate about it. However, my future leans more towards Ag Communications. I was lucky enough to intern with RFDTV at National Convention last year; I got to interview members and learn some vital broadcasting tips. I love being an advocate, and I take every opportunity to do so. Whether my involvement is the Wilson county fair video, RFDTV, or the local news station, I give it my all.

Beach or Mountains? Mountains

Early bird or night owl? Early bird

Favorite meal: Cracker Barrell

Favorite song: Three Wooden Crosses

Favorite CDE: The FFA Creed Speaking CDE is my favorite CDE because of what it stands for. As a freshman in Agriscience, it is one of the very first introductions that new members have to the National FFA Organization. Here, it stands as a welcome and introduction to students. On another note, the words alone stand for everything our organization believes in; they also stand for the very same things my family and I believe in. It teaches members to "believe in leadership from ourselves," which is the first step in becoming a servant leader.

Favorite Ag Class: Honors Leadership and Communications with Ms. Pam Walker has by far been my favorite class. It gave me an insight on how to try and become a leader who leads by an example of service. Looking back, I know that I would not have learned what I did about service without the other people in my class. I was lucky enough to be in this class with countless, amazing examples of leadership; I was also lucky enough to call them my friends.

Describe a time when you set a goal within the FFA and were not able to meet it; what did you learn? There are two large goals that I feel like I never fully met. One was with my Parliamentary Procedure team that made it to State Convention last year. Though we were all passionate about the CDE and fully capable of competing, our priorities were not where they needed to be. And because we did not come together as a team with a common priority, we as a team did not succeed. The second goal I did not meet was being involved with all of our chapter officer activities, and both failures circle around priorities. I am guilty of trying to be involved in everything, no matter the time constraints or issues. I believe that both have taught me: not having priorities can be detrimental to not only myself, but to my team.

What are you looking forward to most during your year as a Regional Officer? I am looking forward to the Service found in the Middle Region of Tennessee. I am excited to hear the ideas that other members have about their community, region, and even state as a whole. My favorite phrase is "vox populi", which roughly means: voice of the people. Taking that into consideration, I am excited to be the microphone that members use to address the issues, advocate ideas, and continue to better the future of agriculture.



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