Middle Tennessee Region
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 Shelby Day - Reporter

SAE: My SAE is agriculture sales placement. I'm employed at my local Kroger where I specialize in customer service but have experience in both the floral and produce departments. This helps with both my public speaking skills as well as better educates me in the country of origin labeling (COOL) and learning where certain things came from. It can sometimes be a tedious job but I know that it will better prepare me for my future as well as help me grow as a FFA member.

Beach or Mountains? Mountains

Early bird or night owl? Night owl

Favorite meal: Anything from Sonic!

Favorite song: Carolina, Parmalee

Favorite CDE: My favorite CDE is prepared public speaking. My first time competing in the event was my freshman year when my advisor reached out to me. I was extremely nervous my first time giving my speech. however, all my hard work paid off and I ended up placing first in the district and 4th in the section. It really opened my eyes to all FFA has to offer and really brought me out of my shell.

Favorite Ag Class: My favorite ag class by far has been my pre vet science class. Not only is it taught by my favorite ag teacher, but it really prepared me for the future. My favorite part of the year was focusing on colleges and planning on where I wanted to go. It really helped me make my decision on where I wanted to go and what I wanted to major in. We also went on vet clinic visits and spent a day in the life of a vet and learned about the daily tasks they perform.

Describe a time when you set a goal within the FFA and were not able to meet it; what did you learn? My second year competing in the prepared public speaking CDE I went in expecting to win and not need to prepare as much. I was needed to write my speech and memorize it before the district meet. Having won the year before I didn't feel the need to write a new one, so I used my old speech. Because I did this I didn't prepare nearly as much as I needed to and in return ended up placing 5th out of 5 in the district. I was devastated. However, I took that experience and applied it this year by better prepared myself for my first year competing in the extemporaneous speaking contest, and ended up placing 3rd in the district.

What are you looking forward to most during your year as a Regional Officer? 

I'm most looking forward to
reaching out to the new members and showing them what all FFA has to offer. High school is scary your freshman year and it can be hard sometimes to get involved in something. I hope to show them that it's ok to jump into something that's new. I also look forward to the New Members Conference. I didn't get to attend that my freshman year so I never truly got my introduction to the FFA so I hope to relive that experience but from a teacher's point view.


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