Middle Tennessee Region
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Judging Cards Needed for CDEs
Land Judging
 - TN-Land (601TN-1)
Ag Sales - (Ag. Sales / Ag. Mech / FBM 105481)
Livestock Judging - Livestock (476-3)
Dairy Judging - Dairy Cattle (105477)
Floriculture & Nursery - Horticulture (105482)

Dairy Foods - Milk Quality and Products (476-6) *New for 2017*
Horse - Horse (705A-12)
Meats -
Meat Eval (480-4)
Poultry - Poultry (478-7) *New for 2017*
Farm & Agribusiness Management - Ag. Sales/Ag. Mech/FBM (105481)
Food Science - Food Science (713-3) *New for 2017*


Visit JudgingCard.com to order your cards well in advance. Do not assume cards will be available for purchase at the event.
  • The regional Land Judging, Ag Sales, Floriculture, Nursery & Landscape, Livestock Judging, and Dairy Judging all require registration on JudgingCard.com. 
  • The deadline for registration is 7 days before the contest (these dates are also listed on the calendar). 
  • Results are automatically listed after information has been entered by event officials. 
  • Cards for these contests are listed above. 
  • These must be purchased by each chapter, one per participating student. 
  • Cards are mailed pretty quickly from JudgingCard.com, but ordering in advance is advised. 
  • In order to avoid a last minute scramble, you may want to buy one set of all cards you'll need at once early in the year. 
  • You can always use extras the next year, or sell/give extras to other chapters that may not have enough.
  • Do not count on coordinators supplying cards to be purchased at the event.
  • Ordering one or two extra cards may be a good idea in case one is lost, or to copy to use as practice.


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